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MP Powder

Walls of the house is said to be the third skin.
Therefore, the functions required for the wall is very important.
Painted wallboard functionality, MP powder mesopores (Mesopore) demonstrating features such as air purification and humidity control odor, oil absorption power of the pores, making the maintenance-free living healthy and comfortable living environment The wall coating material to contribute new features.

MP powder series

The painted wallboard safe.And therefore does not contain toxic chemicals, it does not pollute the air.
?F?????wall material does not need to obtain, receive any usage restrictions.

  • Feature of H series

    Diatomite advanced mesopores (80%), and painted wallboard was increasing sophistication by blending technology and the mixing ratio, the more advanced material is required at the toilet and kitchen, and its effect.

  • Feature of M series

    Both L and H is a function of whiteness, between approximately 50% of diatomaceous earth wall material fills mesopores sophisticated high-level functionality to the formulation.
    It is easy to use material in the color balance function.

  • Feature of L series

    Changes in zeolite, diatomaceous earth 15% formulation. Humidity control features than the traditional type L UP. The ease of construction even UP.



?Diatomaceous earth? to purify the air humidity ideal home in odor! Approved by the creators of diatomaceous earth plastering tools.
The type of diatomaceous earth and place convenient to put the tile.
Quickly absorb moisture and condensation.

  • Coaster

    The table or become sticky drop of water falling into a glass or cup on the outside of the most eco-friendly ice-cold drink coasters, I have had experience with the Ku glass coasters.
    At that time the "Eco Style" Do not worry if you have!
    Water drops or falls from the cup of water had accumulated on the bottom! During that Sucks.

  • Kitchen

    Because oil is absorbed by the pores of the ultra-eco-style, eco-style is to smooth the surface always remains clean.
    If eliminating the hassle wipe, tile walls transformed into a maintenance-free.

  • Shoe Lockers

    Not only eco-style water feature, humidity (ability to adjust the humidity) is excellent deodorizing functions.
    The secret is the ultra-fine pores (mesopore diameter of 2 ~ 50nm) available.

  • Window

    Diatomaceous earth and charcoal, please feel normal humidity deodorizing power can not be achieved.
    Because oil is absorbed by the pores of the ultra-eco-style, eco-style is to smooth the surface always remains clean.
    If Mere on the wall, eliminating the hassle wipe, tile walls transformed into a maintenance-free.



Baked at high temperatures for a long time without advanced mesopores diatomaceous earth ore.Diatomaceous Earth 100% natural materials! It is also ideal for interior design.

The multipurpose Power stone.

Moisture sorption capacity is determined by the size of the pores. Mesopore pore power, charcoal (micropores), diatomaceous earth and the general public (macropores) to demonstrate the power of odor control and air purification and humidity higher. Diatomaceous Earth 100% high-mesopore eco stone, deodorant and dehumidifier if you put the closet under the sink cupboard wardrobe closet rocker is immense.
The adsorption deodorizing smells a cigarette and pet care if you put in the room. Effect is achieved even put enough deodorant toilet refrigerator car.
Ability to adjust the humidity in the high moisture sorption, condensation and reduce the occurrence of mold mites, and thus is an effective atopy dermatitis.


Eco-Stone e2

100% diatomaceous earth and the small particle mesopores high-performance materials, such as not using any extra additives, is 100% pure natural additive-free material.
Mesopores (diameter of 2 ~ 50nm) with pores of hygroscopic function, deodorization, dehumidification function, water resistance, fire resistance, and durable high-performance ceramic products.

For a healthy, comfortable residence-making

For building a healthy and comfortable home, not just indoors, it is important to also improve humidity as well as under the floor.
In the summer the temperature under the floor for less than the outside air comes in and moisture condensation will soon.
Wet floor space, a little steam and water vapor from the ground caused by the ventilation air, no air, far from resolving the situation may worsen even more.
Eco-Stone e2 is to eliminate this problem quickly, making it a strong partner to live a healthy and long-lasting comfort.
Mesopores (2 ~ 50nm) are hygroscopic feature remains the same, because it deals Economy type, use a large amount of Feel free to guests to experience the full comfort.